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Tougher Action Needed on Shop Theft

The Scottish Grocers’ Federation (SGF) has called for tougher action on shoplifting after a written answer to a Scottish Parliamentary Questions revealed over half of those convicted of shoplifting go to re-offend within a year. John Drummond, Chief Executive of SGF said; “Retail crime is wrongly viewed as victimless but it is not “low level” for those investing thousands of pounds protecting staff, stock and retail premises. In reality it causes misery to lives and is detrimental to livelihoods. “The rate of re-offending is alarming and we want to see the Government take action to address this appalling re-offending rate. Part of the solution must be about tackling substance abusers and the use of fast track justice and community payback to deter criminals. However, the need for prison sentences when appropriate must not be ruled out.” SGF has made a number of recommendations in their Local Shop Manifesto 2011 to tackle shop theft including a need for the criminal justice system to treat shop theft seriously and a requirement for police to raise the importance of retail crime on their agenda by responding quickly and more consistently to retail crime.