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Crime Prevention – On-going cost for Scottish convenience industry

Findings from the Scottish Grocers’ Federation (SGF) Crime Survey 2010 reveal that spending on security cost the Scottish convenience store sector £3.5 million with figures suggesting spend on crime prevention is not a one-off cost.

The 2010 crime survey, which gathered information from 700 stores located throughout Scotland, offers insight into the convenience store sector and reveals the extend of crime facing retailers from burglaries to verbal abuse.

John Drummond, SGF Chief Executive said: “Findings of the 2010 crime survey reveal a mixed picture with a welcome reduction in the number of in-store customer thefts but an increase in the number of burglaries, with retailers reporting a number of break-ins targeting tobacco only. With the average value of good stolen reaching £2,075, retailers must take extra precaution to protect their high value goods.

“Violence against staff continues as an intolerable threat to the health and well being of retail employees. Sadly many shop workers expect to be subjected to verbal and physical violence in the course of their work. This is simply not good enough.”