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On Patrol with the Edinburgh CAP

SGF has been involved in the East Edinburgh Community Alcohol Partnership since its inception. The CAP operates in the Portobello and Piershill areas of the city and has become very well embedded within those communities. 

SGF recently joined other partners, including Police Scotland, on a night-time ‘joint patrol’ on the mean streets of the Portobello area. The joint patrols are an important (and unique) aspect of the CAP. They aim to raise the profile of the CAP and establish a good working relationship between Police Scotland and retailers. They also aim to identify hotspots for underage drinking and any alcohol-related Anti-Social Behaviour.

We found there is a good awareness of the partnership amongst retailers and that there does seem to be a rapport between them and Police Scotland. The CAP recently carried out a proxy purchase campaign and retailers in the area seem to be on-top of this problem (as much as they can be). For underage purchases we were surprised to learn from retailers that tattoos are being used as an informal form of ID. The under-age purchaser will reveal his/her tattoo to the retailer and put forward the proposition that if they are old enough to be tattooed…..we are glad to report that this approach is not proving to be effective.

Incidents of anti-social behaviour in the CAP area during 2014 fell by 16% compared with 2013. Police Scotland have described this as a remarkable figure - responsible retailing is playing a significant part in this.