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Convenience Stores Fight Russian Trade Embargo

In retaliation for sanctions imposed over events in Ukraine, Russia has imposed a trade embargo on food products from EU member states and other countries. This could have a significant impact on Scotland’s fishing industry, with mackerel being particularly badly hit - up to 20% of the mackerel processed in Scotland is exported directly to Russia. A 5-point planprotect Scotland’s pelagic fishing sector from the effects of the Russian trade embargo has been agreed by the Scottish government and key industry representatives:

  1. Targeting of new and emerging overseas markets.
  2. Growing domestic sales with Scottish and UK retailers.
  3. Increasing domestic demand by consumers.
  4. Working with the UK Government to maximise levers that may be available such as export insurance.
  5. Working with the EU to maximise levers that may be available such as banking of quotas.

Working closely with the Scottish government SGF has agreed to look at the potential help convenience store can provide in achieving objectives 2 and 3 of the 5-point plan. The Federation has approximately 2,000 stores in membership. Additionally, increasing the sales of products such as mackerel are entirely consistent with the aims of the Scottish government-supported SGF Healthy Living Programme. The Healthy Living Programme has 1,400 stores participating.

Chief Executive John Drummond said,

Convenience store retailers can play a significant part in protecting Scotland’s economy and supporting our fishing industry. This should be seen as a potentially valuable business development opportunity in what has been a neglected sales category for convenience stores. There is the potential for short-term drop in prices as suppliers will have to find alternative markers for their products.