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Horsemeat Further Recall Of Products

Birds Eye has announced that one of its products sold in Belgium, Chilli Con Carne, produced by Frigilunch N.V., has tested positive for horse DNA and has been immediately withdrawn from sale.

As a precautionary measure in the UK, Birds Eye has withdrawn all other beef products from the same supplier. They have stressed, however, that no products from this supplier have tested positive in the UK. Withdrawn products will not be replaced on supermarket shelves until investigations are fully complete. The following products are being withdrawn in the UK and Ireland:

• Traditional Spaghetti Bolognese 340g

• Shepherd's Pie 400g

• Beef Lasagne 400g

Retailers are requested to contact the Birds Eye Careline on 0800 917 5410 for further information and a full refund.


Scotland's councils have been ordered not to use any frozen beef products, and asked to attend an urgent 'school meals sourcing summit' by Ministers amid the escalating horsemeat crisis. The discovery of horse DNA in a burger at Cumbernauld High School led to councils being advised not to use any frozen beef, including mince, until further investigations are carried out.

The warning was issued by Scotland Excel, the procurement agency that serves local government. It applies to local authority schools, council leisure facilities and some social care establishments. The ban was imposed as further evidence of horsemeat contamination came to light. Catering firm Sodexo, which supplies 2,300 UK outlets, withdrew all frozen beef after a product tested positive for horse DNA


Ikea has withdrawn meatballs for sale in much of Europe after Czech inspectors found traces of horsemeat in a batch manufactured in Sweden. The discovery comes as European Union agriculture ministers meet in Brussels for talks widely expected to focus on the growing horsemeat scandal.