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SGF Welcomes Success of Voluntary Initiatives to Reduce Use of Plastic Carrier Bags

John Drummond, Chief Executive of the Scottish Grocers’ Federation (SGF) has welcomed figures released by the BRC and Scottish Government showing a 49% reduction in the number of carrier bags handed out to customers in Scotland.

The Scottish Government has been working with retailers to develop voluntary initiatives to reduce carrier bag use. Earlier this year SGF members played a key part in the Scottish Government’s campaign to help customers remember to reuse their carrier bags.

John Drummond said;

“It is often very difficult for convenience stores because there is a difference in bag use between weekly planned shops and more spontaneous visits to shops where customers are less likely to take their own bags. However, SGF members are making determined efforts to encourage customers to change their habits and to use durable bags for sustained use on an on-going basis.

“SGF supports the use of voluntary methods to reduce carrier bag use which are changing attitudes and behaviours. Imposing a compulsory charge especially during the current economic slowdown would be an additional and unnecessary burden both for local authorities and retailers and would undermine the tremendous success of voluntary initiatives.”