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Ensuring a sustainable and prosperous convenience industry in Scotland

SGF Hopes Coalition Government Will Ensure Economic Recovery

The Scottish Grocers’ Federation (SGF) has welcomed the new coalition government formed by the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

It is hoped the coalition will be committed to ensuring economic recovery and will develop a respectful and cooperative relationship with the Scottish Government.

John Drummond, Chief Executive of SGF said,

“We will watch with interest the action taken by the new coalition government on reserved matters which have an impact on the convenience store sector in Scotland.

“We welcome the announcement that plans to increase national insurance contributions will be stopped. In addition, we are pleased the coalition has agreed to work together to develop effective proposals to ensure the flow of credit to viable SMEs and to consider a major loan guarantee scheme.

“Every worker should be guaranteed a wage which is fair. However, any increase in the minimum wage should take into consideration and reflect the increased energy, finance and lending costs retailers are currently experiencing

“Convenience store retailers would also be very concerned if there was a hike in VAT. An increase would squeeze household finances and lead to retailers sustaining significant and damaging costs implementing any changes.”