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Supporting Your Wellbeing

Access preventative self-help tools and support as quickly as possible through your confidential wellbeing website

We are delighted to announce that all members of the Scottish Grocers Federation now have unlimited access to the retailTRUST wellbeing website. The site includes a wealth of digital resources to support the emotional, physical, vocational and financial wellbeing needs of you and your colleagues.

To access the resources, visit, register your details, and choose SGF as your employer.

retailTRUST is the trade charity for the 4.5 million people working in retail and the supporting service industries. The Trust has been improving the wellbeing of retail employees and their families since 1832. They support individuals throughout their lives, from getting into retail all the way through to retirement.

Personalised digital wellbeing support

The retailTRUST wellbeing site contains expertly curated digital content which can be personalised to support your evolving needs and interests. You and your colleagues are able to access preventative self-help tools to manage your health and wellbeing, and develop your skills.

With over 350 pieces of digital content covering 85 different topics, you can view personal experiences, top tips, professional guidance, as well as online courses across the following four areas:

1. Looking after you

Sometimes a little extra support can make a world of difference. Access digital resources to support your emotional and physical wellbeing. From understanding mental health conditions to coping with an illness, through to the benefits of healthy eating, there is a variety of information available to support your changing needs.

2. Developing you

Get the most from your retail career. A diverse range of content is available including tools, tips and online courses to support your personal and professional development. From core skills to help you at work and home, through to guidance for managers and leaders, access the resources today.

3.Financial support

Non-repayable grants are available to support you during times of need. If you are looking for financial or legal guidance, retailTRUST can signpost you to trusted partners who can assist you with redundancy, debts, savings, loans and legal questions. 

4. Life events

We all experience challenges throughout our lives. Access support to help you navigate through unexpected life events such as a loss or bereavement, personal trauma, relationship breakdown or an illness. 

Register your details

To access the resources, visit, register your details, choose SGF as your employer, and select the topics of interest to you. Once you have registered, the homepage will be personalised to you. 

Remember, the free and confidential retailTRUST helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 0808 801 0808 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Supporting materials

From printed guides and posters through to downloadable materials, the charity offers a diverse range of resources to help you promote wellbeing within your business.

Click here to order your printed collateral including wallet cards for all employees.

Click here to access your online toolkit to promote within your business.

For more information about how the charity improves lives, visit