SGF Asks Retailers for Evidence on the Impact of the National Minimum Wage

The Scottish Grocers Federation (SGF) is asking local shops across Scotland to provide the evidence needed to prove the damaging impact of future increases in National Minimum Wage (NMW)

SGF is encouraging retailers to return a questionnaire that investigates the impact of past increases on job creation, hours and investment in business growth. The findings will feed into SGF’s submission to the Low Pay Commission.

SGF Chief Executive John Drummond said: “Each year we provide written evidence to the Low Pay Commission that reflects the impact the NMW has on the industry. We need local shops to complete the questionnaire in order to build our case for a freeze in minimum wage.”

The Coalition Government in its remit to the Low Pay Commission has asked it to take into account the impact of the NMW on the competitiveness of small firms in this year’s consultation.

The Low Pay Commission is gathering evidence now. The deadline for submissions to their consultation is September 10th and a recommendation will be made to Government by the end of February 2011.