SGF Urges Retailers To Lobby Local MSPs on Alcohol Measures

The Scottish Grocers’ Federation (SGF) is urging retailers to lobby their MSPs regarding plans to implement a social responsibility levy and restrictions on the advertising of alcohol promotions, ahead of the Stage 3 debate of the Alcohol etc (Scotland) Bill

Stage 3, the final stage of the Bill, will take place on Wednesday 10th November at a meeting of the whole Parliament.

SGF Chief Executive, John Drummond said:

“Measures included in the Bill to restrict the advertising of alcohol promotions and introduce a social responsibility levy will have a significant effect on all local retailers. Ahead of the Stage 3 debate retailers need to make their elected representatives aware of the damaging impact these measures would have on their business.

“Plans to restrict the advertising of alcohol promotions within a 200 metre radius of the premises are open to wide interpretation that we believe will lead to various absurd and contradictory consequences.

“SGF is extremely concerned the impact of the proposed levy has not been thought through or measured for its effectiveness, fairness or proportionality and will be an additional cost for retailers still reeling from the cost of implementing the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.”

Retailers can download a template letter to send to MSPs from the SGF website