SGF Responds to Trade Union Attack on the Small Business Bonus Scheme

Commenting on the publication of the STUC report The economic and employment benefits of the Small Business Bonus Scheme which attacks the small business bonus scheme and those who support it SGF Chief Executive, John Drummond, said: 

“Apart from omitting one of the thresholds for support from their report, it would seem that the STUC have spent too much time studying press releases and not enough time actually talking to those people who run a business. 

“SGF represents hundreds of retailers who run a small business many of which provide a lifeline to local communities but face a relentless increase in costs against a tough trading environment. 

“Small Retailers more than pay their share to the public purse through business rates, licensing fees, national insurance contributions, VAT and duty, whilst continuing to offer employment in what is a very difficult financial environment. 

“Our research shows that the small business bonus scheme provides important relief for 51 percent of our members.  Given the staggering increase of 5.6% in business rates expected this April, it is a policy more vital than ever.”