Scotttish Government Moves on Tobacco Display Ban

Commenting on the announcement at the weekend from the Minister for Public Health, Michael Matheson MSP, that the permissible size of tobacco display during a transaction will be 1000 sq cm SGF Chief Executive, John Drummond, said: 

“SGF has been consistent and robust from the start in our opposition to the tobacco display ban. 

“The legislation is a disproportionate burden on hard pressed retailers to deliver a policy based on flimsy evidence which singularly fails to prove that this measure will make an appreciable difference. 

“However, the Tobacco and Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Act is law so SGF has been pressing Government to ensure that its implementation is as sensible and pragmatic as possible. 

“That is why we welcome the Scottish Government’s move away from a display during transaction of only 120 sq cm to one of 1000 sq cm. 

“Whilst this is still nowhere near parity with the rest of the UK it is an acknowledgement from the Scottish Government that their original proposals were wide of the mark and that they have listened to our concerns.”