Promoting Responsible Community Retailing by Lobbying, Communication, Networking and Advice.

Ensuring a sustainable and prosperous convenience industry in Scotland


PGMA (Scotland) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Scottish Grocers Federation.

Created in 1970 from the previous SGF central warehousing operation, PGMA has a strong heritage with Scottish Convenience Retailing.

Our agreement with Costcutter allows our members to work in partnership with one of the biggest symbol group retail organisations whilst retaining their full independence, an inherent policy of PGMA.

With PGMA being a member of Costcutter, this adds value for our members by providing them with distribution services encompassing all the needs of convenience retailing, including simplified ordering systems, planned promotional activity and marketing expertise. All product areas are accessible as are special arrangements on various services.

PGMA is controlled from our Edinburgh office by a small team who work very efficiently to ensure members get the best possible service, which is provided at the lowest cost available for full access to Costcutter distribution systems, which are second to none.

Goods ordered by our members from the Costcutter distribution service or from direct suppliers are invoiced via PGMA where they are summarised and a statement issued on a weekly basis. Payment is collected from our members via the Direct-Debit service offered by the banks, this seven days after our statement is issued.

Membership of PGMA offers all the benefits of group trading without interference with the individuality or independence of the retailer, but with our fascia they can also be recognised as part of a group.

PGMA, through its membership of Costcutter, it’s distribution system and direct arrangements with manufacturers and suppliers, offers a superb buying opportunity to the full spectrum of independent retailers in all locations.

Added to this is the opportunity to use fascia linking your individual store to national symbol group identity.

Amongst other benefits for our members is access to employment advice, legal advice and the benefit of political lobbying and invaluable networking opportunities through membership of SGF.

PGMA is committed to the promotion and sustained growth of the independent retail sector as an integral part of the Scottish retail food trade.

To find out more contact:

PGMA (Scotland) Ltd
222 Queensferry Road
Edinburgh EH4 2BN

T: 0131 343 3300

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