About SGF

The SGF is the only authoritative voice for the independent Scottish convenience store industry – an industry in Scotland that provides over 40,000 jobs and has more c-stores per head of population than the rest of the UK.

We represent all convenience stores in Scotland (approximately 5,000) including all of the major symbol groups operating in the country.  We work with our members and wider stakeholders to influence policy, and work in partnership with these stakeholders so ensuring the convenience store sector’s ability to continue to operate successfully.

We work with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament to inform and influence policies that create the right environment for all involved in our industry. The ongoing impact of devolution and more powers for the Scottish Parliament means that our industry needs to inform and influence key policy and decision-makers in Scotland as never before - SGF is in a unique position to do this.  Not only do we work alongside the key decision-makers in Scotland, we also work alongside those at Westminster and Europe.

SGF has taken the lead role in establishing the first-ever Cross Party Group on Independent Convenience Stores within the Scottish Parliament. The Group represents a unique platform to bring retailers, wholesalers and suppliers together to raise the issues impacting on our industry.

SGF now produces Scottish-specific research and statistics which are playing a vital part in informing ad influencing government and parliament. Our key objective is to bring together retailers and suppliers in one single united body.  By protecting our convenience retailers, we are in turn protecting the supply market. 

For further information on the SGF, please contact 0131 343 3300.